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The Law Office of Peter M. Williams, LLC, was founded on Christmas Eve, 2011, with the vision of providing excellent, cost effective legal services to individuals and small businesses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the State of New Jersey.   

Mr. Williams is interested in your case and is ready to help you.  When you become a client of The Law Office of Peter M. Williams, LLC, your file is your name and not a number.  You will receive prompt, personal attention and high quality legal services without exceeding your cost expectations. 

Mr. Williams treats each of his clients in a friendly and professional manner and is committed to the zealous representation of every one of his clients.  Mr. Williams believes in open communication to ensure that his clients understand the legal issues that are pertinent to their case.  Mr. Williams will do whatever is necessary to ensure that his clients’ needs are met and handles their cases in a timely manner with the best possible outcome. 

Peter M. Williams

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Criminal Defense

The stakes are high in every criminal case. Depending on your results, your future employment and relationships could be affected. Mr. Williams has a long track record of winning cases for his clients. You will be treated with care and respect.

Small Claims

Many large firms shy away from accepting small claims matters. Peter will take your case for a reasonable flat fee and give it the attention it deserves. Go to the contact form below to inform Mr. Williams about your case.

Dependency Matters

It can be a scary time when the government steps into your life and alleges that you are an unfit parent. Mr. Williams has years of experience in dealing with these cases and will fight for a prompt return of your children to you.


Sometimes matters cannot be settled outside of court, and in that case, you need someone who is experienced to take your matter to trial.

Real Estate

Buying or selling a house usually involves the biggest investment a person can make in their lifetime. Peter is happy to help you through the process.

Wills & Estates

A will states who gets what when a person passes away. An estate is opened when someone passes and there are assets that need to be distributed.

In the Media

Read about Mr. Williams' cases

"Parents File Legal Papers To Challenge School Closing"

“They were represented pro bono by attorney Peter Williams, an Everitt and Neshaminy High School graduate.”

“Williams showed several examples of where language in the school closure motion conflicted with statistical data posted on Neshaminy’s website.”

"Bensalem residents confounded by cat conundrum"

“The ball is in Bensalem’s court for the structural and electrical repairs, said Peter Williams, attorney for the property owners. ‘Bensalem had the opportunity to fix the property and they chose not to … They could’ve made the improvements to their liking and then put a lien on the property for their money spent.'”

Guest Opinion: Diane Ellis-Marseglia is wrong about Judge Mellon

By Judith Algeo, Elissa Heinrichs, Francine Kaplan, Stuart Wilder, Keith Williams and Peter Williams.

“As family advocates, we are proud of the work we do. Our presence in court and representation of our clients is mandated by rulings of the United States and Pennsylvania supreme courts.”

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“Peter Williams is awesome. Very knowledgeable and honest. Highly recommended!” 


Lisa Thomassen


“Mr. Willams, is exceptional. He believed in me even when I could no longer believe in myself. I don’t know what my Mom and I would have done without him. He treated us like we were family.”


Patty Fitzgerald


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Mr. Williams is interested in your case and is ready to help you. He believes in open communication to ensure that you understand the legal issues that are pertinent to your case.

Every client is provided with a free initial consultation.

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